The Concept

Posto Pubblico is a childhood dream come true for New York friends Robert Spina and Todd Darling. Having grown up in, and around various Spina and Abbracciamento family restaurants throughout New York City and Northern New Jersey, Todd and Rob were exposed to age-old traditions that came to NYC from southern Italy with the waves of Italian immigrants in the early 1900's.

Robert's two grandfathers, Salvatore Abbracciamento from Naples, and Carmelo Spina from Licata - both came to NYC during this time. Both set up various establishments in their own specialties; Carmelo, a baker, founded C. Spina and Son Bakery in Manhattan and Brooklyn, while Sal, a pizzaiolo, founded Abbracciamento Pizzeria that evolved into a full-service restaurant of the same name in Brooklyn. It was this upbringing that paved the way for Posto Pubblico in Hong Kong.

From Italy to New York to Hong Kong, Rob and Todd continue to bring the generations old recipes handed down to them over the years to the tables of SoHo.